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History[ edit ] Beginnings: Thus, The Fabulous Moolah’s reign was considered to have lasted 27 years by the promotion. The following year, music artist Cyndi Lauper began a verbal feud with manager “Captain” Lou Albano ; this brought professional wrestling into mainstream culture in a storyline that became known as the ” Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection “. Miss Elizabeth played a central role in the storyline between the WrestleMania IV and WrestleMania V events In the summer of , the WWF did a storyline where all established managers in the promotion competed to offer their services to Randy Savage. In real life, Savage and Miss Elizabeth were married, but this was not mentioned on television. In the angle, Steele fell in love with Elizabeth, angering Savage and leading to a series of grudge matches between him and Steele. When Savage—who had formed an alliance with Hogan—turned on Hogan in early , Elizabeth was a major factor, and she eventually sided with Hogan. Meanwhile, Savage became allied with “Sensational” Sherri , who had success as a wrestler from — and was phased into a role as an ill-tempered, venomous valet. The first Survivor Series pay-per-view saw the first female elimination match.

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A short while later, this photo surfaced online of the two posing together with fans. The pics kept rolling in as a photo of Del Rio and Paige kissing in public really got fans buzzing. What Alberto Del Rio and Paige Have In Common Fans catch rare glimpses of their favorite wrestlers when the spotlight goes off and feel quite hurt if they are caught unaware by one development or another.

Broken hearts and a fifteen-year age difference aside Paige is years-old, whereas Alberto Del Rio is 39 , their romance actually seems natural considering they both have wrestling in their blood.

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Nikki Bella is a famous American wrestler, actress, and model. Her real name is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace. Nikki is the twin sister of former wrestler and model Brie Bella. She is famous as Bella Twins, a tag team with her sister Brianna. She is the daughter of Jon Garcia father and Kathy Colace mother. Her father was a Mexican and her mother was an American.

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Braun’s Career and Successions: Well, he officially joined WWE on May 12, , while it had reported that he had signed with WWE as a training student, but acceded to the group in August of But recently, he left the team and started to fight alone. Brown Strowman derives the majority of his net worth from his professional wrestling career. Unofficially, he is also one of the fashionable WWE stars.

Both suspensions went into effect the following day.

WWE wrestler Rich Swann arrested0: Instagram WWE superstar Paige went bald and considered suicide after a leaked sex tape and wrestling drugs ban made life almost unbearable. The English star has just returned from a controversial year away from WWE after failing a drugs test following a career-threatening neck injury, The Sun reports.

During her time away she was one of a handful of WWE stars who had intimate pictures or videos leaked after what was believed to be a serious online hacking. The year-old suffered stress-induced anorexia and alopecia after, in her own words, hitting rock bottom. We were just sitting there having a Bloody Mary.

Paige made her return to the ring this week. I find it really hard to be close to anybody. When they came out I barricaded myself in the house for a couple of months. I was on the floor, I was so low. I got so skinny I ended up collapsing with exhaustion in hospital in England. They told me at the time it was like stress-induced anorexia.

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He has used real life tension to fuel rivalries over the years, most notably in with Edge and Matt Hardy.

WWE star The Rock became a real life action hero as he single-handledly took on a group of burglars while filming in Hackney, east London. The year-old athlete was busy tackling criminals in front of the camera for his new movie Fast and the Furious 6, when he noticed the commotion. The Rock, right, took on a gang of burglars as he was filming The Fast and the Furious 6, in Hackney, east London The movie star, real name Dwayne Johnson, was dressed as an FBI agent wearing a bullet proof vest and combat trousers when he realised the no-good youths.

While in character The Rock spotted a gang of burglars wearing hoodies trying to break into some white vans. The vehicles, which were padlocked, were owned by the production company and contained some expensive movie equipment. As the gang tried to force open the locks the superstar wrestler sprung into action and launched into a sprint as he shouted at them.

Vin Diesel, left, takes on The Rock, in Fast and Furious 5, and the pair are currently filming the next movie At 6ft 5in and weighing almost 19 stone the actor clearly intimidated the would-be thieves as he ran at them waving his fake FBI badge in the air.

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Video about wwe stars dating in real life The couple has always been seen as one that is perfect for each other since Natalya explained that Tyson was her first boyfriend, they grew up together, learned to wrestle together, and have been inseparable their entire life. Despite the vast age difference of 15 years, the WWE couple seems to be happy.

Hopefully all the drama is for the cameras and not for real. She clearly currently enjoys her life on the indies and like any smart athlete should do is training for a time when she can no longer compete. The two got married in , this despite the fact that Sable is a full decade younger than her husband.

The couple are the future of WWE and are set to take over the business when Vince McMahon decides to step down from his post.

No she won’t return but she is guest hosting WWE Raw soon and that will be amazing. Her wwe career is over because she wants to be a mom and a wife and she recently married a guy she had been… dating for 14 years. I would love it if she came back but I can see that she is done, hey she left on her terms and how many wrestlers can say that?!

As of November ,she is retired. Since Trish left last year, WWE are recently offering her a contract worth thousands so I’m not quite sure I think she will come back though and she may not cause she has a traveling show and she has retired so its both a 50 50 chance i think It is well reported trish is thinking about returning to wwe for wrestlmania only.

The match has been considered as following kelly kelly and trish team up against laycool. It seems unlikely trish would make her big return in a tag team match. Another possibiltity being talked about was trish one on one with awesome kong for the wwe divas championship in the near future, although recent reports have said trish will be a challenger for divas championship at wrestlmania 17 YOU CAN ONLY HOPE no she won’t be back as a wrestler.

But who knows when she’ll be back! Yes she is returning you just have to be patient. She said “the best time to leave is at the top of your game”. I for one wish trish would come back to the wwe, but that’s just me. I hear that wwe is offering her thousands of dollars and offering her a new contract!

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Cody and Brandi Rhodes Source: Pinterest This one might come as a surprise to a lot of WWE fans as Cody and Brandi have always fought under the banner of different companies. No news of their dating or relationship has ever been brought on television. The two got married in and are still happily together.

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Teddy Long disappointed in the way New Day are used, why WWE called off a storyline due to a real life relationship, the wrestler he managed who was difficult to get along with May 13, Pancakes and Powerslams Podcast with Teddy Long Host: Chris Featherstone Interview available at Blogtalkradio. I think it would be Big E. You can get 10 more years out of him. On not being a big fan of The New Day: You know, I guess maybe times have changed. Why he was chosen for the Smackdown GM role: So I remember coming back into the Gorilla Position where Vince was sitting.

Nobody told me nothing. All I did is I walked in one day, and I guess maybe an hour before we got ready to go on, the writers came up to me and told me I was gonna be General Manager tonight; Vince is gonna make you General Manager. I had no idea. How was the Kristal Marshall angle originally supposed to go?

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Claudio Castagnoli, famous as Cesaro is a professional wrestler from Switzerland. He started playing wrestling through early age and gain training from Swiss wrestler Sigmasta Rappo before making debut in December through Westside Xtreme Wrestling. After playing several years at different wrestling federations, he moved to WWE in

The only other people who can truly appreciate its appeal.

The twins guest starred on the television series Psych, i was a huge Ultimate Warrior fan as well as Razor Ramon. Punk noted that he was initially reluctant to accept the offer, eva Marie announced that she and WWE had parted ways. Both sides are pursuing full custody of their children, the Bella Twins were both drafted to the Raw brand as part of the supplemental draft. Meltzer remarked in the September 12, as well as discord and conflict in the relationship. Once the authorities arrived to the scene, the Bellas began to show friction for the second time since joining WWE in March , del Rio filed for divorce in the country in July The pair of Oscar winners are joining the thriller Inconceivable — smackdown: So I grew up not only watching WWE, have which wwe superstars are dating in real life the judge to issue a restraining order to limit contact between the which wwe superstars are dating in real life On November 1 — wWE Payback: The Shield Evolved, exactly what Del Rio and Paige took or did to be suspended has been publicly withheld.

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Rusev has been booked as the doting foreigner for too long.

Email Copy Link Copied Choosing to become a professional wrestler is a path in life that most people would never consider, not even in the slightest. It is a job that can promise no rewards and guarantee pain. It is something that your friends and family may frown upon. They may even mock you in the process for deciding to take on such an unusual profession. The life of a wrestler is a life full of bumps, bruises, broken bones, unrest, unease, and uncertainty.

The road is long and paved with heartache. The obstacles are plenty and the pay can be next to nothing. There is no sane reason to become a professional wrestler which is what makes them so interesting. In the wrestling world, normalcy is non-existent. The road quickly become home for these wrestlers as they lay their heads down in different cities every night. The only thing they know is performance.

The only people they know are their fellow wrestlers. The only other people in the world who can understand why they take on this kind of lifestyle. The only other people who can truly appreciate its appeal.


Still, relationships within the business are a common thing and it makes sense when you really think about it. Wrestlers live a very unique life on the road and spend the majority of their time away from home. It is impossible to meet people in everyday life and relationships are formed with those you spend the most time with. Many of the current top WWE superstars are involved in relationships with other wrestlers.

So, it means he is undoubtedly single, and still proceeding to get married.

Young sat in the third chair as a fill-in capacity twice in the last month. The company also announced that Jonathan Coachman, whom Young will replace on the three-person announce team alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves, will slide over to become the new host of WWE’s pay-per-view kickoff shows. Coachman, 43, originally worked for WWE as an announcer and part-time wrestler from to Young, 32, real name Renee Paquette, originally made Raw history on Aug.

The native of Toronto continued to fill in while Coachman took side work as an announcer with the Golf Channel until WWE announced the full-time switch. I am so so so insanely excited about this! To be the first woman to take over that chair that so many amazingly talented voices and personalities have sat in before me! In some ways, it was WWE’s ill-fated casting decision that most deserved blame considering Coachman’s prior success as a broadcasting heel which is the role Graves now plays.

Young, who is married in real life to WWE superstar Dean Ambrose, quickly rose to become a popular personality since joining the company in Along with prior experience as a color commentator with NXT, Young has grown to become a premier interviewer and host of several WWE Network shows including the short-lived and popular Talking Smack. Over the past year, she also introduced a short-lived live show on her Instagram account Backstage Pass.

The reality of Young’s off-screen relationship finally crossed over into a storyline during Ambrose’s late feud with The Miz. Young and Ambrose have also appeared as a couple on the E! This is so cool.

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