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Wow, what a year! The start of the year is a bit of a blur for me. Come August of this year, I came out of a relationship that consumed me and took control over many aspects of my life. My anxiety at this point had spiralled completely out of control and I was a very broken person, pretending to be happy and continuing to smile on the outside. All I hope is that if you are unhappy with something in your life, and you are being completely clouded by negativity and loosing sight of who you are because of how someone else treats you, please have a long hard think. We only get one chance at life, and you deserve nothing but happiness and to be surrounded by people who bring out the best in you.

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I must say I am very sorry it took so long! I have been so busy lately, with PPEs and coursework and just life in general, you feel. I just hope you guys like this! Caspar, Oli and Josh decided to fly you over when they heard you got a few days off as Joe had been missing you badly. You had also missed the other three boys as you were so close to them. Have a safe journey here!

Three simple rules for living a happier, less haunted life.

Always a chatty kid and full of energy, at age 15 he secreted away the family video camera on a rainy day and shot a simple vlog about being bored, which he uploaded to his newly created YouTube account. What began as a small channel in began to grow while Alfie was in school at Varndean Secondary School in Brighton, to the point that teachers would excuse him from class to attend business meetings on his brand.

By , everything was taking off for Alfie and in the best way! In , Alfie broadened his horizons into publishing, signing a deal with Blink Publishing for The Pointless Book, a part-journal, part-activity book with a free integrated app. Sales and responses to the first book were very positive and The Pointless Book 2 became a No. Though not engaged despite rumours that seem to crop up just about every time either one posts to Instagram , neither have publicly ruled out the possibility and a social media wedding would certainly be a first!

How does Alfie feel about Internet stardom? Going out in public can mean just a normal trip to the shops or getting hounded by fans, to the point that some parents have literally been dropping their children off in front of the house he shares with Zoe and demanding selfies. What causes are important to Alfie? Alfie has been involved with quite a bit of charity work.

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Fishing, Digging, Exploring Space, and Grafting. Getting Your Hands on a Cowplant Berry Cowplant Berries can be acquired when fishing in the far back waters of the Oasis Springs Park, when fishing in the waters of the Forgotten Grotto , discovered when exploring space with a rocket, found when digging for treasures, or harvested by grafting specific plant types. The easiest is fishing for it. Once you have the berry in your inventory, drag and plant it in the ground or in a planter.

The Cowplant has three growth stages: Horns, Stem, and Full Grown plant.

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Mentions of suicide and depresion; suicide attempt Word count: Even though you and Joe have been dating forever you dnever told him about your depression and no one finds out until its almost too late. Joe sat in between you and Caspar grabbing your hand. You looked up at them and playfully rolled your eyes holding back a smile.

Both you and Joe lost it. Everyone else around you laughed. You and Joe both playfully rolled your eyes. This is a subject that they often teased Joe about, mainly because you and Joe have been dating for almost 8 years. You had known each other since birth due to the fact your parents were best friends. You both had a crush on each other for years and he finally got the courage to ask you out at the end of sixth form when you were both You have been dating ever since and you and Joe are deeply in love.

Of course, you guys have had your ups and downs but nothing was ever too bad to break you guys up.

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Friendship and Relationship with Modern Lifestyle When people decide to start posting videos on YouTube, they give up a large chunk of their privacy and in turn, give complete strangers the chance to voice their opinions on them. It can be very easy to become invested in youtubers lives, you want to wear what they’re wearing, you end up eating what they eat, know what they are doing and you get frustrated if you see something you don’t like and judge them on things you’d never judge a stranger on the street for.

Unfortunately, viewers of youtube only really get to see the amount that youtubers themselves allow. You will never REALLY know how these ordinary people, filming their lives through a lens feel, or what they may have been through.

The parties agree and acknowledge that the relationship between the parties is the commercial rules then pertaining of the American Arbitration Association in What you Need to Know about YouTube Videos and Your Child’s.

Last night the sad news was confirmed that one of YouTube’s most loved couples were no more. Having been together since before their YouTube careers began, Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart have called time on their relationship. Here’s everything you need to know. Marcus announced the break-up in a video “This is probably the hardest video I’ve ever had to make” states Marcus in the opening.

He goes on to explain that fans have been questioning the lack of photos on social media featuring himself and Niomi and that he felt it was finally time to address the situation. He explained the split was amicable and that both himself and Niomi have found somewhere new to live they previously shared a flat.

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We also have the two new skills: Read on to learn more about the features and additions you get when you buy Get Together, along with moodlets from Espresso machines, building natural pools, and the uses of walk-in closets. Below I’ve listed all the major elements, from Clubs, the new Skills, features of Windenburg, and some of the new objects you’ll receive. You can read a summary of Clubs below.

Clubs Clubs are the single biggest feature of this Expansion Pack, and are far better than many first imagined them to be. Like Get to Work , this is where we get the whole name for the Expansion.

We know the following drinks give the following moodlets:

Generations focuses on enriching the lives of your Sims. This Guide to the new features brought by this expansion will give you a summary of what’s new and link you to in-depth articles for the most important gameplay elements. This activity is governed by the Logic skill. So, there are no new skills, but there is something extra to do with one. Some are useful for practical jokes, bringing imaginary friends to life, to making a quick escape.

You can gain skill with this chemistry table alone, and there is a new logic skill challenge that makes the potions cheaper to produce. New Profession – Day Care Sims can now take up Daycare by reading the newspaper or using the computer. This will invite children to your Sim’s home and they’ll be paid for watching them. It gets a little harder with more children, but the system gives you time to improve.

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Share this article Share Earlier this year the couple shared videos revealing they had relocated to their third home in Brighton in just two years. While they remained tight lipped about their specific location, they did offer fans a look at their chic interiors, which featured dark accent walls and neon artwork.

Large windows create an open living space for the couple, pictured Trendy: The couple now have their very own dining room featuring a large marble table and accents of pink among the dark walls The couple bought the house near the picturesque South Downs two years ago having previously lived in a seafront flat in East Sussex.

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September 24, , The image above is the North Quad’s all in their job outfits Teens have the option of five different jobs. These jobs do not seem to give any boost to any careers as a young adult. Some of these jobs do however have requirements for promotions that are the same as some careers which will help later. Each career keeps the same hours throughout their jobs days change on some.

She is one of the most famous YouTubers in the UK as well as in the world!

Joe draped his arm around your shoulder letting your head fall to his. Jack and Conor are either going to kill each other or one of us. Joe must have had the same image run through his head because he laughed and told you that he and Oli were taking care of the fire tonight. Daylight was depending behind the trees just as you had finished pitching the last tent. Somehow out of the 8 of you, 3 of which were family, you were the only one with basic outdoor skills. After everyone had ate, Joe and Oli worked on building a fire and after several attempts, finally got it to ignite and stay lit.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Although it does not seem to make much sense to some, YouTube stars are taking over the world. Using the free platform, twentysomethings are now becoming millionaires – being sent free products, travelling across the globe and even being made into Madame Tussaud creations. But who are these people that billions of youngsters are following religiously day-by-day?

Not only did this make your cheeks go bright red, but it also sent wondrous feelings straight to your core.

The Sims 3 Pros Open world. Once you load in a map you can move to any building on it without loading screens. Create a style exists as a feature that allows you to change both the color and patterns on most objects and clothing articles. Even without custom content or DLC this game can be played for hundreds upon hundreds of hours. There is much to do and the replayability is extremely high.

Most of the expansions not stuff packs or store content is worthwhile. They add in new ways to play as well as many new locations, buildings, objects, etc. Easy to pick up and play. It’s fun for both casuals and hardcore gamers alike. Plenty of mods to add to your game. I’m talking at least miuntes to load a world for the first time you start the game up. Expansions seem to make the load times longer which is a bummer. There is a lack of timers on events such as dates and parties.

Also sims will be saying they are having a bad time and you’re not entirely sure why because they’ll be dancing, eating food and socializing.

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Fans tune in to watch her talk about everything girly, thousands of times every single day, but what makes her so special? There are countless other health and beauty bloggers out there. How did Zoe become Zoella? Zoe has always suffered from anxiety and was keen to overcome her shyness by getting into the world of vlogging. She began her YouTube channel in and has always been a lover of all things beauty and fashion.

Looks like those dreams have true x10, eh?

Here’s everything you need to know.

To be exact, I think it was in college. She then said that at the end of the day, after doing what scares you, you feel great when you do it and it will be worth it. And I really really think it does. This statement has been my philosophy. I have not actually done anything to execute what my philosophy advises me to do. I would start to imagine things, think as if it is actually happening to me now.

The adrenaline and the excitement would last for, say, a week, and after a week, the horrible, sinking feeling of realization and fear would overthrow the possibility that I could actually and possibly do this. And that is to audition for a televised singing competition pretty huge thing for a sixteen-year-old eh? But to audition for this is a great deal to me. I was actually proud of myself that I was able to pull this kind of stuff. The feeling of pride overthrew the disappointment. But this was six years ago.