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Season 1 Episode 1 Season 1 – Episode 1 Skidder Tow Truck A local woman loses control of her vehicle and it ends up trapped far down an ice-covered embankment. The boys hatch a plan to use the back half of their old broken-down tow truck and attach it to a giant skidder to create an off-road rescue machine. The bus has been left abandoned in a backyard for 10 years and old parts are hard to come by, so it will be no easy feat. Collin, Corey, and Stan start by attaching two snow-blowers to the front of an ATV in order to clear a mountain of snow off the lake. Season 1 Episode 4 Season 1 – Episode 4 Trail-Groomer Rescue Collin and Corey are called out to do some trail-side service when the only trail-groomer in town breaks down. They have to hoist the massive machine onto a sled, tow it to safety, and fix it up, all before sundown. Season 1 Episode 5 Season 1 – Episode 5 Labrador Snow Tanker The northern communities are running low on fuel and a local woman is on a mission to deliver a tank of it by snowmobile.


Presents the latest news, sports and entertainment. The programmes on Aastha focuses on religion, devotional music and spiritual programmes like discourses, festivals, yoga, folk music, dance, cultural events, alternative therapies, astrology, etc. The programming seeks to provide music, masti and event based programming, as well as drama series for the entire family rooted in Punjabi culture and centred on family values, relationships and emotions.

This enables B4U to screen new movies within six months of their theatrical release. B4U Music’s programming includes the biggest musical hits from the latest Bollywood movies, the Bollywood music charts, exclusive star studded interviews, non-stop dance floor hits from both the U. The channel will offer an ultimate lifestyle destination for South Asian foodies in Canada who want to make some quick, easy, balanced meals as well learn about interesting world cuisines.

Glyph Hanger Recent History Centuries Ago Nighlok forces attack Japan , but are defeated by “samurai warriors”, who would be later known as the ancestors of the current Samurai Rangers.

Contents [ show ] Biography Goldar and Scorpina have shown affection toward each other, and Goldar is shown to be protective of her. Her human form has been shown to be very cheerful and innocent looking, but it hides her sadistic personality, and a scorpion monster form when Rita makes her gigantic. Very little is known about Scorpina’s background.

Her first appearance was in the Green with Evil story arc. She is an old friend of Rita Repulsa and according to Baboo , did horrible things. Much like Goldar, she would often square off against Jason, the Red Ranger when sent to battle the Rangers, and often overwhelmed them with ease. She fights with a crescent-shaped sword that can be thrown like a boomerang. When she grows to giant-size, she becomes a scorpion monster that enjoys wrapping her long electrocuting stinger-like ponytail around the Power Rangers’ Megazord’s head and has a scorpion claw in place of her left hand.

Scorpina was presented as an old friend of Rita’s in her first appearance; already reeling from the assault of Rita’s Green Ranger , the arrival of Scorpina nearly spelled disaster for the Power Rangers. Scorpina had a pet silkworm, which was once used to fight the Power Rangers. She remained a powerful and dangerous opponent for the second half of MMPR’s first season. Scorpina was present when Lord Zedd returned to the moon, but was absent when he banished Rita and for most of Zedd’s early endeavors against the Power Rangers.

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A page for describing Trivia. S got herself a new man, and he. Heather Merrill is a fictional character in.

In and they conducted robotic mapping surveys over the two ancient wreck sites, cooperating with the Australian Centre for Field Robotics of the University of Sydney.

Plot[ edit ] George Venturi John Ralston , a divorced man from London, Ontario who had custody of his three children from a previous marriage: Up until that point, Casey was perfectly content with her life. Growing up as the oldest child in a household in Toronto , Ontario with only her mother and sister had suited her well and brought her up as a self-sufficient and independent young woman. Casey was originally upset about having to move to London, Ontario from Toronto, a much bigger city as shown in the episode “How I Met Your Stepbrother” , for many reasons including Derek, but she eventually got over her own problems and agreed to move there for Nora and George’s sake once she saw how much they cared for each other.

Michael Seater as Derek Venturi, the oldest child and the titular “Derek” of the series. Unlike Casey, he is lax-mannered and somewhat underhanded about achieving his goals and excelling in his academics, though is not entirely unkind. Derek is a Straight D student.

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The series premiered on Family on September 18 , , and ran for four seasons, ending its run on March 25 , The series starred Michael Seater and Ashley Leggat as the two oldest children in a stepfamily. It ended with 70 episodes and one spin-off television film, entitled Vacation with Derek.

He is voiced by Tobias Reiss.

It’s not safe to walk alone at night. Something bad could happen to you. She is a major antagonist in Power Rangers Mystic Force. She was portrayed by Donogh Rees. Contents [ show ] History This Morlock spy is frequently disrespected by Koragg and Morticon, who often call her a “hag. However, Necrolai is usually is the one who brings up monsters and thinks up the schemes. Despite all this, she does seem to fear Morticon and, to a lesser extent, Koragg, which would explain why she puts up with their behavior and rarely talks back.

She once off-handedly commented that she turned Leelee’s father into a worm. She seemed to care little for Leelee, often ignoring or belittling her, and once using her as a guinea pig, shoving her into a barrier that had disintegrated three Hidiacs to see if she’d weakened it enough for an evildoer to be able to pass. Due to her status as Queen of the Vampires, she is not adversely affected by garlic or sun light.

When Morticon fell at the hands of the Rangers, Necrolai was sent by the Master to retrieve Imperious. For some reason, she never seemed to fear the dark wizard and much more frequently questioned him, despite his initially showing himself to be quite stronger than Morticon. After Leanbow freed the Rangers from the Underworld, the Master weakened him, allowing Necrolai to capture Leanbow and bring him back to the pit, where he was once again turned into Koragg.

In the aftermath of the battle, which saw the death of Imperious and the ruination of the villains’ lair, Necrolai was shown having a few doubts about her current role, but the discovery of the Book of Prophecy changed all that.

TronicsCity IPTV Channel List

She is now dating Sheldon Shlepper who then moves to Newfoundland. She and Derek went on a date once, but decided it wouldn’t work out when Derek admits he only asked her out to bother Casey. Arnold Pinnock as Paul , Casey’s guidance counselor who never actually “gives” Casey advice. Kit Weyman as Sam , Derek’s best friend and Casey’s first crush since she moved in with the Venturi’s.

NPC can dating picture frames found in Assault on Zan.

Contents History Time Force Ransik was created by the very people he seeks to destroy. In the future, children are born in labs, with traits designated by their parents. Ransik is a product of this tampering, born from an accident in a lab: During one of the required genetic enhancement sessions, one of the vials containing embryonic biomass unexpectedly fell and shattered, spilling the contents into a drain where the staff believed that the biomass would die out due to exposure to the outside world.

However, instead of dissolving, the sewer environment around the said spilled biomass unexpectedly caused it to mutate, and from the amalgamation of toxic waste and mutated biomass, a full-grown adult man was born. Possibly due to inherited memories of his parents’ DNA donor, the creature, whom named himself Ransik, developed intelligence equivalent with that of full-grown man, but was forced to raise himself in the underground, rejected from society. As the first mutant, he organized factions of other mutants to take the world away from those who fear and hate his kind.

He was also presumably married to a female mutant where from their union, Nadira was born. Who Ransik’s wife and Nadira’s mother was is never revealed in the series. While roaming the dark parts of the city, he found three statues which were actually imprisoned Orgs. Since they had the same goal as him, to destroy humanity, Ransik set them free. In exchange for freeing them, the Mutorgs gave Ransik the power to pull weapons from his body.

At one point before he organized factions of evil mutants, Ransik was bitten by the poisonous mutant known as Venomark.

Megaforce: The Legendary Battle Chapter 1: Tricky Feelings, a power rangers fanfic

Produced locally by Tuvalu, the eight-episode primetime series pictured will broadcast in Spring It aims to alter the global perception of beauty and the modeling industry by casting a variety of curvaceous women. Curvy Supermodel most recently broadcast its debut season in Poland on Polsat.

It was a merciless something, her “monster”—something that went far beyond military talent, or skills, or even courage.

I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. One in Ur of the Chaldees where, according to a tradition, he had been thrown into a furnace from whence he emerged unharmed.

Avot D’Rebbi Natan chapter 33 Upon contemplation, we might ask a simple question: Why was leaving his hometown a test? Avraham was not exactly the most popular character back home; in fact the opposite seems true. He was vilified, persecuted, attacked and almost killed – until he was miraculously saved from a fiery furnace. Why would leaving such a place be considered a “test”? When we continue our reading of the next two verses, the “test” seems mitigated by a bounty of blessings: The promises are of incredible proportions.

Where is the test? A more careful reading of these verses reveals an almost untenable tension, which may be the key to understanding the angst which Avraham experiences in fulfilling the Divine imperative. Verse 2 is a blessing which introduces a new entity, a new concept which from this point on becomes the focus of the biblical narrative: As this nation emerges, we learn that others will never be indifferent.

The Little Old Lady Behaving Badly by Catharina Ingelman

She is the true 18th head of the Shiba Clan. Kimberley Crossman had play in the last 5 Episodes “Samurai Allies” Mentor Ji The Rangers’ sensei who helps them in their samurai training and provides the team with information on their enemies. He raised Jayden from a young age and trained him to take arms as the Red Samurai Ranger.

Truman first appeared in “Allergy Season”.

In Mega Dino Battle movie, they had an falling out when Lindsay’s came down hard on Heather’s Megaforce Rangers after an battle that went wrong and Heather’s quits her job. However, the two made up and Heather returns to her job, though the two became distant to each other. In -, they had friction with each other again due to their personalities, though the make up again when Heather invited Lindsay to an concert to show her to have fun. In order to distract Kaitlin, Lindsay hires Heather as the new waitress for her to bond with Kaitlin.

In -, Heather learns that Lindsay knows about her Power Ranger past and the two form a friendship. Conflict History In Mega Dino Battle , Heather had come annoyed with Lindsay’s strict attitude when she comes down hard on her for being late to work.

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