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But it was hard to know him well in the U. Tapes of his BBC broadcasts made their way to collectors hooked on his crisp, wry, delighted intros and outros and his boundless enthusiasm for all kinds of music. But tracking his impact in day-to-day terms has been much more catch-as-catch-can for a Yank. It functions not only as the story of one DJ’s amazing career, but that of the wide-open but punk-galvanized sensibility Peel epitomized. Though he began his BBC career playing hippie-era rock — like the late-sixties freeform U. Then here’s some Goa trance. You collect singles on the [twee indie-pop] Sarah label? Then you’re sure to love these fiddle players from Alabama. He’d long been a cult favorite of anglophiles and punk fans, thanks in large part to the Peel Sessions — four-hour BBC studio tapings made by a plethora of bands for broadcast on his show, recordings of which regularly traded hands prior to , the year the U. The same year another of Peel’s pet sounds broke through, big-time and unexpectedly, in the U.

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Growing up in the south of England in the s, he listened in and imagined himself sitting in the same seat as Simon Bates or Jakki Brambles, playing the Spice Girls, doing crazy stunts for charity. Today he starts his Gregathlon. This is a five day, five triathlon challenge that will send him pinging around the United Kingdom to raise money for Sport Relief.

Leah was a trainee lawyer, poised and confident.

Several other companies reported products in the final stages of development, although said production of some had slipped. Gremlin, one of the biggest CD32 developers, were unavailable for comment. Commodore spokesman Tim Green was unaware of the delays and expected around 40 CD specific titles to be available by Christmas as planned. It has a comprehensive range of print options and uses PostScript font outlines for high quality output without the need for a PostScript laser printer.

More than 40 titles were originally promised for the machine by Christmas, but we have learned that launch dates are slipping on many. Many are now promised within the next few weeks, but without high quality software on sale during the early Christmas buying period, some shoppers are turning to alternative systems. Sega and Nintendo have just unveiled new packs and although their machines offer lower specifications, console buyers are being attracted by their huge software catalogues.

Darren Booth, the assistant manager at one electronics store in Manchester, told us that some customers who look first at the CD32 are then buying a Sega or Nintendo console. He said people are impressed by the number of games available – and especially Sega titles Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat – although he was satisfied with CD32 sales so far.

Jakki Brambles is Cockney Rhyming Slang for Shambles!

And the more I tried, the harder it got. My eyes felt dry and gritty all the time. And to top it all, I was convinced my eyesight was deteriorating, too. I always seemed to be screwing up my eyes to focus properly. Its job is to refract images to the back of the eye, where they are then passed on to the brain. Certainly, the cornea becomes more curved during pregnancy, which can make women more short-sighted as a result.

Nikesh Shukla has been rightly hammering the promo for this book so it’s possible you’ve heard about it already, but let me add my own loud applause to the project:

Based on the song writing partnership of Morrissey vocals and Johnny Marr guitar , the band also included Andy Rourke bass and Mike Joyce drums. Critics have called them the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the s A first session was quickly booked and proved hugely popular with listeners, the first sign of the massive impact the band would have on the show in the middle part of the decade.

You had them on very early on, May , before they had a record out, after I think they first came from Manchester and appeared in London. Well, I would like to think he was, yes. And I think you actually deserve some credit, because it was you that went out and heard the Smiths. But still, get on. What did you make of them?

Just the use of language really pleased me as much as anything else.

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I suspect what I feel right now is the feeling people are seeking when they present themselves to be colonically irrigated. Having said that, perhaps when my editor emails back his first thoughts I shall experience the opposite sensation — which is less sought-after at health farms, I believe, though you never can tell what’s going to catch on with rich people: Sometimes I look at Owen Paterson and the reactions he induces in me are very much in that ballpark. I can’t imagine wanting to pay for that, but who knows.

The things I can’t imagine generally do not constitute a useful set of objects and events by which to navigate.

And now we’re a country we’re ruled by Margaret Thatcher.

Hazlewood Castle is excellent for wedding marriages with use of it’s own chapel, it’s also a hotel and restaurant with a modern equipped Conference facility also used for special events. Very Brief History; In permission given to fortify the manor making Hazelwood a castle. In a battle of the War of the Roses took place in the fields and valley before the castle, an enormous battle that ended with 28, dead. Families owning Hazelwood Castle dating back to the Domesday Book.

Hazlewood Castle a former monastery with priest holes and a priest tunnel for escape. Hazelwood castle opened as an exclusive hotel after restoration in with 21 individual bedrooms and a chapel. Ray is a distinguished musician and runs an entertainment company. Coleen Nolan is a household celeb also of musical background being one the Nolan Sisters girl group whose success in the early ‘s produced the massive hit ‘I’m in The Mood for Dancing’.

Coleen Nolan escorted by her son.

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The truth is we just never had that much contact because, when she was working, I would be off, and vice versa. We did the same job, for goodness sake, and when I was having my daughter, Darcey, she was very supportive. Does she understand why even people like Phillips, at the top of their game, wake up one day and wonder if this is what they really want?

He also ran his Confessions feature where members of the public sought absolution for their often frivolous or humorous “sins”, and it moved to a television series in later years.

On the same day the Broadcasting Act takes effect, thus beginning the deregulation of British television and radio. News coverage for the area had previously been provided by a seven-minute opt out from the Birmingham-based Midlands Today. Over the coming weeks there is extended coverage of events in the Persian Gulf. ITV also broadcasts news and discussion programmes about the war throughout the night.

Some broadcasting, particularly in the earlier part of the war, comes from CNN. Reed drinks alcohol during the broadcast, leading him to become drunk, aggressive and incoherent. After one hour Reed returns from the toilet and, getting more to drink, rolls on top of the noted feminist author Kate Millett. The show is briefly taken off air following a hoax call to the station claiming that Channel 4 boss Michael Grade is furious.

BBC1 features a numeral ‘1’ encased in a globe, and BBC2 features eleven idents based around a numeral ‘2’.

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Also on the show were: The shows presenters were Radio One DJ’s and there was a real sense of fun about the show and the music it presented. With a lack of videos the show would rely on a dance troupe to groove along to the latest hits. By music videos were being produced and the dance troupe had had its day. The show entered a lull in the early ‘s. The show was re-launched with a new look and theme music.

All three fall into the 3D virtual world, action adventure category.

Even my traditional “guilt free” times for reading – in bed, on public transport, on the loo – are constantly threatened by that constantly threatening scourge of modern concentration: In order to compete with the latest cat video, Daily Mash article or even a rubbishy Buzzfeed list – not to mention my scintillating Twitter feed – that book in question has to be seriously good. In fact, to struggle through a tome of any magnitude, I need the same feeling when I look at the book as the one I get from spying the last beer in the fridge, or the last piece of chocolate or slice of cheescake Conversely, if I look at a book, sigh, and say to myself, “uh, well I suppose I’d better crack on with that, hadn’t I So it’s with particular pleasure that I can tell you about three absolute slam-dunk top-hole bangers of books that I’ve been lucky enough to consecutively read over the last few months.

Each of them had me stopping every few pages – not to check Facebook or see if anyone had replied to my latest Guardian comment – but to gaze at the cover and marvel at how marvellous the book was, which is something I’ve been doing with all great books since I was about six years old. All three of them are labours of love, and are, in their own way, works of art, lovingly crafted and imaginatively published.

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A man called John Barbour, along with his brother and others, had the idea to start a hospital radio station modelled on the HBS in Glasgow. HBSA would be a volunteer-led organisation and has never had any paid staff. John Barbour worked for the health board as a technician for the telecoms department, because of this he was in a perfect position to install and operate the fixed wire system which would carry the service. The service was listened to on a small handheld speaker which needed to be held close to the ear, there were also some speakers with volume controls in the day rooms, in addition to this, impromptu performances by singers and bands were held around the wards, none of these were broadcast.

Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company.

The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in Essex, while others are simply notable locals. If you’re from Essex you might already know that these prominent figures are also from your hometown, but some of the names below may really surprise you. This list includes people who were born and raised in Essex, as well as those who were born there but moved away at a young age. This list contains people like Ron Fogg and Vicki Michelle.

If you want to answer the questions, “Which famous people are from Essex? Russell Brand age 42 Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. She made her stage debut in and has had an extensive, varied career in stage, film and television spanning over sixty years. Her plays deal with themes of redemptive love, sexual desire, pain, torture — both physical and psychological — and death.

They are characterised by a Leeves made her screen debut with a small role in on the popular British comedy television show The Benny Hill He rose to fame after finishing as the runner-up in the sixth series of The X Factor in


He attended a junior seminary at Stillington near York with an Italian missionary order, the Verona Fathers, where he was a choirboy. Having revealed a natural comic and broadcasting talent, he began a career in entertainment. He adopted his stage name from film-star Edward Everett Horton , a childhood hero. His offbeat style and likable personality quickly gained him attention, but in he was sacked after some outspoken remarks about religion on air.

We had an awful third quarter

Official website Fearne Wood born 3 September , known professionally by her maiden name Cotton, [2] is an English television and radio presenter , best known for presenting a number of popular television programmes such as Top of the Pops and the Red Nose Day telethons. In , she became the first regular female presenter of the Radio 1 Chart Show , which she co-hosted with Reggie Yates for two years.

She went on to present her own Radio 1 show , airing every weekday morning since She left Radio 1 in May She hosted the show for one year before being replaced by Holly Willoughby for the following series. Cotton began her career with CITV in , when she presented The Disney Club at 15 years of age, but is today best known for her role as a mainstream television and radio presenter and fashion designer. Away from presenting, Cotton has her own fashion and homeware range with online retailer Very.

Her father was a signwriter for events such as Live Aid and her mother worked in alternative therapy. She is a pescatarian and an animal lover. Cotton studied art at A level , [8] a skill she made much use of whilst presenting the series Draw Your Own Toons. Television Children’s Cotton began her presenting career in , at the age of 15, [9] with early morning GMTV children’s programme The Disney Club , after winning a competition for young talent to present the show.

After, Cotton continued with the show and with its replacement Diggit. From until , she presented Finger Tips , an arts and crafts programme for children, which she co-presented with Stephen Mulhern. She presented it for one series before resigning to work in America.

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They sent a reporter and camera crew to JAM and the resulting feature aired on News 8 that evening. Several combinations of singers were used over the course of the project. At this time, the network’s facilities were in Egton House, which was across the street from the BBC’s legendary Broadcasting House headquarters in London. You’ll hear cuts from several custom JAM packages. The production would introduce the new package to the many producers and DJs. This presentation demonstrated the use of the package to the Radio 1 staff.

For some statistical purposes Arran is within the registration county of Ayrshire and for ceremonial purposes within the lieutenancy area of Ayrshire and Arran.

Imagine having a fully-fledged coin-op cabinet in your living room, loaded with hundreds of arcade quality games, and all set to free play. In September this is precisely what Active Consoles unveiled to we the drooling proletariat at the European Computer Entertainment Show. This opening volley it was hoped would eventually be followed by complete compatibility with any and every arcade game. I know, I know, it has all the hallmarks of pie-in-the-sky wish fulfilment, yet Active did actually bring the product to market, and it was advertised in many of the mainstream gaming magazines at the time.

For the first six years the players were running sandwich boards for Commodore, before the logo was supplanted by the Amiga branding in Chelsea to wind up Commodore? Chelsea Football club is taking legal action against Commodore UK to get hold of a sum of money it is owed as part of a sponsorship deal. Commodore UK signed a five year sponsorship deal with Chelsea FC in , which lead to the Amiga logo being emblazoned on all of the shirts of Chelsea players.