Responsible for all integrated commissioning and start-up activities required to ensure the safe and timely start of the FPSO and associated sub-sea systems so to achieve First Oil and Flawless Start Up of the facilities. This involved managing all aspects of the onshore commissioning execution as well as developing the offshore Integrated HUC plan with Shell. I managed the above by utilizing Sub Managers and Discipline Leads who in turn drove and supervised a number of Engineers, Technicians and Vendors to complete the defined onshore testing prior to proceeding offshore. Via a separate team also defined the true detailed scope and plans for execution of Offshore Riser and Well hook-up, Pipeline Commissioning, Topsides Commissioning and Offshore Start Up. Worked with the Engineering Manager on Innovation during the design and verified this as Technically Acceptable whilst also planning for the shortest possible Integration Offshore Hook Up and Commissioning durations, defined and developed the detailed Completions Project Execution Strategy for all Project locations. Worked with procurement to agree and define Seller Vendor scope testing and execution strategy during all the project phases. Developed design Completions tools for Fabrication, Integration and commissioning deliverables.

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The motorway project is an equal partnership with the American company, Bechtel. A month project duration is forecasted, including design and construction works. Upon quick completion of the mobilization stage, works on a 5-kilometer section were started in August Work is being performed all over the 14 km territory allotted by the customer, with the number of personnel involved continuing to grow. At the same time, the design work is being rapidly executed.

This is another aspect of the modern fire service.

Well-informed sources told Upstream that Equinor, formerly known as Statoil, has been approaching companies in Brazil and elsewhere to come up with a list of potential bidders to participate in the tender. Word is that Equinor wants a company with experience to award a contract for the installation, hook-up, mooring and commissioning of WHP-C, which will serve the second phase of the Peregrino heavy oil development in the Campos basin.

Heerema is expected to deliver the tonne jacket at the end of The unit will be metres tall, with a footprint of 66 metres by 53 metres, supporting the Peregrino South-East development. It will include 12 piles and will be made to support topsides weighting 25, tonnes, with production start-up eyed for late The workscope to be covered in the upcoming tender will feature the integration of topsides modules, the hook-up of flowlines and power umbilicals to the Peregrino floating production, storage and offloading vessel, and commissioning.

Companies such as Norwegian contractor Aker Solutions and UK-headquartered oilfield services giant Wood are expected to enter the fray for the hook-up of WHP-C, but Opedal said the final list of bidders will not be publicly disclosed. The third platform will also be linked to the floater.

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This significant step also allows further progress of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities. Ichthys Project Managing Director Louis Bon said about 46, tonnes of topside modules, pipe racks and equipment packages had now been lifted onto the hull of the FPSO. The FPSO topsides lifting operations started in April and were completed on early May , with the final addition of the tonne water treatment package.

Already the earliest known written sources refer to carpets as gifts given to, or required from, high-ranking persons.

For starting up a process control system I am used to this routine: Install the various subsystems. Perform hook-up of the subsystems. Post-installation testing of the subsystems: What should be in pre-commissioning and what should be in commissioning? Is pre-commissioning at the subsystem level and commissioning at the system level? Our commissioning would normally also include displacing storage or transportation fluids from process and utility lines, replacing them with the working fluids, but most of this would be outside control system scope.

Startup of the process:


What is Deck Machinery? The introduction of winches The winches are the small light weight lifting equipment to use the wire rope or chain rounding rolls or to upgrade or drag the heavy objects. The winches have the following features: And they are widely used in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mines, docks and other materials, also can make modern electronically controlled automatic operation line equipment. The winches’ capacities range from 0.

We need to operate some utility systems to perform much of the completion work.

The scale describing wind force devised by Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort in , in which winds are graded by the effect of their force originally, the amount of sail that a fully rigged frigate could carry. Becalm To cut off the wind from a sailing vessel, either by the proximity of land or by another vessel. Becalmed Unable to move due to lack of wind; said of a sailing vessel.

Before the mast Literally, the area of a ship before the foremast the forecastle. Most often used to refer to men whose living quarters are located here, officers being quartered in the stern-most areas of the ship near the quarterdeck. Officer-trainees lived between the two ends of the ship and become known as “midshipmen”.

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The student council members also lend a helping hand in the distribution of the contribution. The lunch commenced during school lunch hours and witnessed large gathering of under privileged people. The school Principal Ms.

The workshop concluded with a group photograph of everyone present.

Wheatstone LNG project operator Chevron faces a challenge to meet its mid-year target of first LNG as it prepares to receive a bed accommodation vessel to allow workers to continue fixing piping systems on the offshore platform. Another accommodation vessel, the bed Floatel Triumph, has been connected to the Wheatstone platform since October, housing the hook-up and commissioning crews. When that vessel was delivered to its owners in September, it was announced that it would work on the Ichthys LNG project after Wheatstone.

With Inpex readying to sail its floating central processing facility the Ichthys Explorer from South Korea soon, it is likely the Floatel Triumph now has to sail north to house workers for the Ichthys LNG project. WestBusiness understands Chevron has initially contracted replacement vessel the Edda Fides for four months. The Edda Fides set sail from Singapore on April Allowing for travel time from Singapore, four months on the site would see platform hook-up and commissioning activities continuing until late August.

Chevron chief executive John Watson said in January that work on the offshore platform was the critical path activity for the project. Early last month, despite the Edda Fides already sailing towards Australia, Chevron upstream executive vice-president Jay Johnson said: A Chevron company spokeswoman said the outlook for first LNG remained mid Wheatstone shareholder Woodside is expecting two to three million barrels of oil equivalent from the project in , according to its results briefing in February.

Production of gas for the domestic market resumed on Tuesday. In better news for Chevron, its spokeswoman said activities to restart train 2 were underway.

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Super light with tons of windows and 3 big porches a front porch, a 2nd floor porch off of the master, and a back yard deck. Both full baths have double sinks, and the master has a jacuzzi tub with separate shower. The first floor has a half bath for your guests.

Coordinating working environment committees for fields as mentioned in the first subsection, should be limited organisationally to ensure representation of all main activity areas, familiarity with the local conditions at the workplace and proximity to the work of the committee.

Design Review We have specialized team of engineers in almost all Oil Fields operations and consultancy services mainly in offshore Structures, Subsea Pipe lines , Process, electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Mechanical, Piping, Safety, heavy lifting, Naval Architecture etc. The services of these specialists are availed as per the project requirements. Pile Drivability Studies We provide specialist services to all foundation related problems.

Project Management Activities We provide services for the various project management activities. We undertake project management activities which include preparation of tender documents, floating the tender on behalf of the clients, technical bid analysis and technical evaluation of the bids received and project management during execution. Value added Services We provided cost effective value added service for specific installation activities.

Recently we provided cost effective solution for lowering the pipeline, which is laid on the surface, into 2m trench near the beach area. Please contact us for your Specific requirements. Technical and commercial review activities. Review assessment of Damage reports. Review of various technical documents and procedures. Assisting Company suitably in supervision of various activities.


Bringing a person or thing up short, that is an unforeseen and sudden stop. More than incidental contact is required. The vessel is said to “allide” with the fixed object and is considered at fault.

The remainder of the tower is used for drying hose, which is electrically hoisted to the top.

Reference is made to Section of the Working Environment Act and provisions on safety delegates in Regulations 6 December relating to organisation, management and participation in Norwegian only. These regulations also apply directly to the petroleum activities, with the specifications and limitations given in the regulations.

The duty to establish joint working environment committees does not reduce the duty of the individual employer to establish a working environment committee at its own enterprise, cf. Section 34 of the Framework Regulations. The joint working environment committee will be superior to the working environment committees of the individual enterprises in matters related to the jurisdiction of the joint working environment committee.

The term “field” is continued in the new regulations, inter alia to ensure delimitation of the areas that naturally form an entity for such co-ordination. Coordinating working environment committees for fields as mentioned in the first subsection, should be limited organisationally to ensure representation of all main activity areas, familiarity with the local conditions at the workplace and proximity to the work of the committee.

If agreement cannot be reached among the operator, the contractors in the various main activity areas and the safety delegates as to establishing a coordinating working environment committee that comprises more than one field, cf. The coordinating working environment committee should set up subcommittees for the individual facilities when the committee encompasses several facilities, cf. Regulations 6 December relating to organisation, management and participation in Norwegian only.

The main activity areas mentioned in the second section, include drilling, well service, catering, construction, maintenance and production. What is to be considered as main activity areas, will depend on the actual activity on the various facilities.

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The beginning of carpet weaving remains unknown, as carpets are subject to use, deterioration, and destruction by insects and rodents. There is little archaeological evidence to support any theory about the origin of the pile-woven carpet. The earliest surviving carpet fragments are spread over a wide geographic area, and a long time span.

The tanks are cross linked by piping or ducts to allow water to flow between them and at the top by vents or air pipes.

Moore was the oldest of five children. While growing up, he had two brothers and two sisters. After about four years, they returned to Alabama, then moved to Pennsylvania , and then returned permanently to Alabama. Moore attended his freshman year of high school at Gallant near Gadsden, and transferred to Etowah County High School for his final three years, graduating in Representative Albert Rains , and after confirmation of that nomination by incoming Republican Representative James D.

He graduated in with a Bachelor of Science degree. With the Vietnam War underway, Moore served in several posts as a military police officer, including Fort Benning, Georgia , and Illesheim , Germany , before being deployed to the Republic of Vietnam. Serving as the commander of th Military Police Company of the th Military Police Battalion, [25] Moore was perceived to be reckless, but very strict.

He insisted his troops salute him on the battlefield, despite official training which discourages such behavior because salutes can identify an officer to enemy targeting. This role earned him enemies, and in his autobiography he recalls sleeping on sandbags to avoid a grenade or bomb being tossed under his cot, as many of his men had threatened him with fragging. Professors and fellow students held him in low regard due to his incapacity for keen analysis.

Elections and travels Moore soon moved to the district attorney’s office, working as the first full-time prosecutor in Etowah County. During his tenure there, Moore was investigated by the state bar for “suspect conduct” after convening a grand jury to examine what he perceived to have been funding shortages in the sheriff ‘s office.

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Subsea Commissioning Job Purpose: To perform commissioning tasks inclusive of preparation of commissioning plans, pre-functional checklists and test procedures; performing construction inspections, testing equipment and systems, and report writing. Develop commissioning procedures and provide commissioning activities within other commissioning procedures.

Perform a wide range of engineering tasks to ensure the technical integrity and proper installation and commissioning Provide input for temporary equipment that allows for safe and efficient module installation offshore and hook-up. Troubleshoot activities at location to diagnose problems, determine appropriate resolution and implement corrective actions.

The coordinating working environment committee for the field should have at least one employee representative from each manned facility on the field.

The information here is gathered through qualitative and quantitative research. A mixture of focus groups, interviews, polls and surveys can be used to collect details from defined audiences. Applying Personas to Marketing Automation Content needs will look different from persona to persona. The example above indicates Charlie Seasweet is concerned with overall profitability and missed growth opportunities, thus putting pressure on each department to prove ROI.

As a result, the most effective content strategy for reaching him should include short summaries, infographics and overview videos that provide enough information to cover the who, what and why — but not the how. On the other hand, a persona for department managers may prefer blogs, peer-reviewed articles and video presentations, as they want content with more insight. While some audiences prefer detailed reports, others may only have time for bite-sized materials.

The only way to understand these preferences is to create detailed personas for each target audience. For more information on personas, marketing automation or other marketing strategies, visit www. Now — what was it you wanted to sell me?

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