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Originally posted by lavendertitties Requests Are Open Imagine having a bad day and then being locked in a closet with your best friend and crush, Harry Hook. Their room was the last stop you had to make before you were officially free for the weekend and you could finally get some time outside. After what felt like forever, the large door creaked open to reveal Jay and Carlos both standing in front of you with dorky smiles plastered on their faces. You narrowed your eyes and looked between the two boys who simply continued to smile at you. They silently lead you deeper into the building than you had been before. Finally, Jay and Carlos came to a stop in front of a storage closet. As soon as you had cleared the threshold you heard the door slam shut behind you. You were about a foot from the door when you heard footsteps behind you.


I’ve been gaining a pound almost everyday and my stomach is getting bigger and bigger. I have a doctors a appointment today and i don’t know whether I should tell my mom before we go or just wait longer and see if she starts noticing. I go downstairs for some breakfast before school.

My period is a little late but I don’t know yet.

She lands right next to a pirate ship being captained by the one and only Hook. This story will follow some plots of the show, but not all of them. And then there is the most unbearable pain, unlike anything she has experienced before. Is there an escape in reach? Once there perhaps she had frolicked with a young Pan, while crossing paths with the devilish Captain Hook. Had it all been a dream? The imagination of a physically and mentally exhausted girl trying to survive?

Or had the strange land actually existed, the faded memories real. What if she let him come with her?

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It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom. She crouches down next to a car and watches the awful way people of Rosewood treat him. After some little kids run away from him, truly frightened, he runs into an alley to cry. Crossing the road, Spencer looks into the alley seems to pity him for once. While looking out Emily’s bedroom window in ” Je Suis une Amie ” Spencer notices Toby cleaning up the remains of his mailbox which had been vandalized, a common occurrence of late.

She apologizes to Emily for badmouthing him, but Emily thinks she is directing the apology to the wrong person.

They were soft and moved quickly with mine, like we was desperate to get a taste of me.

Tatsumi, as the main protagonist, has some sort of relationship with almost every character in the series. For this reason, only those with a profound impact on him will be listed. Hometown Friends Sayo and Ieyasu: Although only appearing briefly in the manga and mostly in flashbacks it has been seen that Tatsumi is very close with his childhood friends and that they have a large impact on Tatsumi’s decision of whether to side with the Empire or the Revolutionary Army.

The death of his friends was Tatsumi’s initial drive in becoming an assassin and wanting to change the corrupted government. Tatsumi and Leone have a close relationship due to the fact that Leone is the reason that Tatsumi was inaugurated by the Night Raid in the first place. She also was the first person he met while at the capital and where she swindled him out of his money. After a short time, the two of them become close friends and are seen to laughing and spending time together.

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Preggers We find out that sometime prior to this episode, Puck got Quinn drunk on wine coolers, and because she felt fat that day, they had sex. Quinn tells Finn that she is pregnant. Although she and Finn have never had sex, she lies and claims that Finn is the father of the baby using his premature ejaculation in a hot tub weeks earlier as an excuse , and Finn believes her, not suspecting her of cheating.

Finn is noticeably depressed and, after Puck pesters him as to the reason, reveals to Puck that Quinn is pregnant and she’s keeping the baby. Puck understands immediately that the child must be his. He reveals that he knows it must be his child – as he knows she was a virgin when they did it, and he also feels confident that he’d know if Finn had slept with her since then, because Finn’s his best friend.

A story about revenge and redemption, trust and love, and the steps it takes to get there.

Liv and Maddie Wiki, a collaborative. You can be the one I can mess me up I cant let youNov 9, But my mom was born with a lucky horseshoe up her. For all of the people who love the pairing Dallstin from Austin and Ally! English – Staff 0 – Followers 0. Austin and ally secretly dating fanfic.

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As Zach and I were taking each other’s clothes off and I just felt awkward.. Zach, I thought we weren’t going to do this anymore. Don’t do this shit to me. Saying you love me.

Ryuzo, humiliated, was easily dragged off the ground.

Chapter 1 The ballroom looked amazing. The huge, sparkling chandelier hanged from the ceiling above the heads of all most important people in Las Vegas. Gil Grissom stood in the corner of the room. He was wearing an expensive black suit and had a glass of white wine in one hand. A beautiful brunette standing in front of him undoubtedly seemed like his evening – date. She wore a sophisticated black leather dress and a silver necklace. The blond wore a simple but very beautiful dress accompanied with golden jewelry and a red purse.

Grissom with Lady Heather? She would expect everyone but her tonight. She also noticed Grissom feeling a bit uncomfortable. After all, they were meeting his new girlfriend, which is unusual enough to make him feel awkward. You were waiting for this ball for a week, and you want to go home after five minutes? You just got here. Are you telling me that you want to leave, because he is here with Heather?

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What if she and Hook had a child? Word of their child gets out to Rumplestilitskin and he takes their child. Hook and Miliah are on a journey to find their child until the Dark Curse hits and they have to find their way to Storybrooke. When he arrives on the Isle, he meets the dashing son of a renowned pirate captain, who She had been best friends with Peter and the Lost boys for as long as she could remember.

But everything changed when she was taken away from her home.

She looked over to the door of their quarters as a light rapping came from behind it.

Their romantic relationship begins in the episode ” I Do. Brandon soon confessed his feelings for her early on in the series, in The Morning After , but she rejected him due to a bad experience when she was raped by a former foster brother, Liam Olmstead. Also because of the experience, she knew getting involved could mean she and Jude being kicked out of the house.

Instead of dating Brandon, she began dating Wyatt. When she and Wyatt had troubles, she turned to Brandon as a friend. When Stef is at the hospital after being shot, Callie and Brandon share a moment when she talks about her deceased mother to him. He comforts her and the two are on the verge of sharing a kiss. This, all the while, is being watched by Wyatt from a nearby window. At the hospital, Wyatt encourages her to go after Brandon, but she is halted when Talya shows up.

During Stef and Lena’s wedding preparations, Callie brings Brandon to an alley. She confesses that she knows what she wants now before she kisses him; they make out until Jude furiously interrupts. In Season 1, they became an official couple despite the various roadblocks. He snuck out to meet her at Girls United, and they saw each other at a museum.

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