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At this time Cromwell were based at Foleshill Road again in the north of Coventry and by were sharing the premises with a company called Smallpeice Ltd. Although there is no official record of Smallpeice buying Cromwell, some sort of tie-up seems to have occurred for, from this point on, the fortunes of the two concerns appears to have been linked. Smallpeice was owned by the redoubtable and gentlemanly Mr.

Samaritans operates a hour service available every day of the year.

A little edge chipping on two examples and one is a little dusty, good otherwise. It was never owned by the LNER. However, following nationalisation it was transferred to the Eastern Region of British Railways. Initially, tickets were ordered from the former LNER printing works, many, like this example, being produced with the old company title. Some of the tickets are to the same destinations, but are in different print styles.

Issued 3rd singles from Neath to Talgarth Mid. Five of the tickets have dates in and stamped on the backs. The ticket is of the third and last type used by the Company.

Art of the Print Main Artist Index R

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Completely unaware of the real dangers he and his Astartes Legion faced on the Chaos-corrupted world, Fulgrim ordered the Emperor’s Children and the other forces of the 28th Expeditionary Fleet to assault the planet and conquer it for the Imperium within a single Terran month, completely eradicating the Laer species in the process.

Click on the image above if you’d like to discuss Wonder Books, Modern World, Observers or any similar s non-fiction series books. This was The Wonder Book of Railways. Famous for their ‘before and after’ endpapers, these books were ahead of their time in their use of mostly slick paper and good quality photographs. They were also sturdily constructed size: I hope to provide details of when titles first appeared, how many editions were published of each, which were the most popular and when publication ceased.

In order to do this, I need help from you. If you have pre-war the ones with boxed cover illustrations or war-time editions or the titles marked below, please send me the edition numbers if shown or descriptions of the covers.


Create New Alice is planning something that will hurt Bob in some way. Even though she feels bad about it, she’s decided to keep this a secret from Bob. It is therefore almost guaranteed that even though Bob doesn’t know what Alice is up to, he will say things that make Alice feel even worse, talking about how much he trusts her, or the importance of not keeping secrets from each other, or just what a wonderful person Alice is.

How Alice reacts to this added guilt varies. Sometimes she’ll simply put up with it and go through with her plan anyway.

When the Emperor’s Children were judged to have reached an appropriate size, Fulgrim was given command of the 28th Expeditionary Fleet of the Great Crusade and set off on his own course of conquest, returning dozens of human-settled worlds to the rule of the Emperor.

Toponymy[ edit ] The name Puddletown means ‘farmstead on the River Piddle’. In the river’s upper reaches Piddletrenthide and Piddlehinton retain the piddle spelling, whereas downstream Puddletown, Tolpuddle , Affpuddle , Briantspuddle and Turners Puddle use puddle. Both piddle and puddle have been used in Puddletown’s name over the years. In the Domesday Book of it was recorded as Pitretone, and in it was Pideleton.

Many of the barrows have been damaged by more recent activities. The remains of strip lynchets of ‘Celtic’ fields have been found near a few of the barrows. One of the three ‘Rainbarrows’ on Duddle Heath has been excavated; bucket urns containing cremations from the site were taken to the Dorset County Museum. The cross might have been connected with a meeting place. Cheselbourne Ford and Bardolfeston are abandoned.

Cheselbourne Ford had a population of six in , four in , and by the mid-seventeenth century was just one ruinous house.


After the spotting of a mysterious flying object in the skies over Frome , it might come as a bit of surprise that this is just one of nearly reported sightings in Somerset, in the past decade, according to www. It would seem that aliens are choosing the West Country for a weekend break but there are still plenty of doubters as to whether there is extraterrestrial life out there. Here are ten of the most convincing sightings.

There are 8 colour plates and nearly other illustrations.

By the figure had reached 34, Council projections for estimated a population of 42, , [12] the actual figure was 43, The census revealed this figure to also have been exceeded, [1] the census also predicts, using a trend-based projection, by , a total mid-year population of 49, An alternative theory suggests that the name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ceap, meaning market.

Remains of Romano-British settlements are visible in the wall behind the former magistrates’ court and recent redevelopments of the town have shown up other evidence of early settlements. According to Bishop Asser ‘s Life of King Alfred, Chippenham was, under Alfred’s reign, a royal vill ; [21] historians have also argued, from its proximity to the royal forests at Melksham and Barden, that it was probably a hunting lodge.

Later that year, at the Battle of Ethandun , Alfred decisively defeated the Danes, whose forces then surrendered to Alfred at Chippenham ushering in the establishment of the Danelaw. Records show that the town expanded into Langstret now the Causeway from onwards, and in onwards the town pushed into Le Newstret now the New Road area of town.

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Curo resident complains “We are shocked and greatly saddened to learn of this tragic death and our thoughts are very much with the family and friends of the man that tragically died after entering the River Avon at the weekend,” a Canal and River Trust statement said. Three things are particularly dangerous for those jumping or falling into a river, the Trust added. Due to the water often being murky it can be hard to tell: The depth of the water The cold temperature of the water If there are any obstacles in the water Another stretch of the River Avon The Trust said: Got a similar story or advice on river safety?

The first is George Bradshaw’s three-map set of England from northwest to southeast.

As well as several gift shops, excellent cafes, antique and bookshops Ledbury offers a handmade chocolate shop, a shopping mall of independent retailers, a jewellery designer, a local cider and perry shop and no less than three high street butchers, three delicatessens, two Polish food stores, two local bakers and an artisan ice cream parlour and Intenet cafe that doubles up as Ledbury Tourist Information.

You can get all your everyday shopping needs in Ledbury’s high street – fresh food and veg, freshly baked bread, butchered meat and fresh fish twice a week from Max the Nordic fishmonger. You can shop for your hardware needs at several competing shops; there are also clothes shops, shoe shops, chemists, newsagents, stationers and a discount store selling home and garden goods.

At either end of Ledbury’s main shopping drag are two national supermarkets and at Ledbury’s edge of town retail areas you can find electrical and furnture traders as well as Homebase and Countrywide stores. Saturday is the busier market day where you can buy local french bread, tasty cheeses, organic vegetables, garden plants and local arts and crafts. Max the fishmonger is there on Tuesdays and Fridays. Kempley Produce Market – on the second Saturday of every month.

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We have covered the North-Eastern arm of Crossrail on various occasions. The most recent of these was to look at the Crossrail launch plan. The western section out to Reading has its own issues and, of course, there was the official decision to extend Crossrail to Reading.

Some new articles but not new contributors.

A homeless person sleeping in a shop doorway Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email We are about to depart Bath after what has been our 25th annual holiday to what is overall still a beautiful city, but sadly is not a city we wish to return to. Each year it seems staggering the amount of Bath which has become studentland and invariably as students and landlords do not pay council tax, then the city as a whole has fallen into disrepair.

So many iconic, original and beautiful shops have closed and in their wake the doorways are taken over by sleeping homeless folk. Rather than sleep could they not find something to help them keep warm and exercise? Voluntary work, up keeping the parts etc. Not only bringing the city into decline but the majority are threatening, abusive and to my young family, frightening.

Read More Yesterday for instance we almost got run over by a beggar on a bicycle travelling at speed along the pavement and screaming and shouting. The view from Alexandra Park Where could one report such an incident? There seems to be no police station. A bag full of money was dangling from the handlebars which had just been collected and around the corner swapping money for drugs. Read More Bath homeless charity has sympathy with empty shop landlords but adds:


This picture on the last day of operation 7th September was shedded at Bristol Barrow Road. Upon closure of this line the loco moved to Barnstaple Junction Shed. Wrington lost its passenger service on 14th September and was closed to goods on the 10th June

The next day I took her to Waffle House for breakfast but told her she couldn’t wear underwear and had to wear the same short skirt she wore to the concert the night before.

Why the ‘dry lake’ theme for these web pages? The site design pays homage to the originators of hot rodding on the dry lakes or salt flats of the USA. As early as the s, Muroc dry lake in California was used by the American Automobile Association for speed events, where souped-up and stripped-down cars would strive to achieve the fastest straight line speeds. The number of participating cars and car clubs continued to grow, and in the Southern California Timing Association SCTA was formed to organise and control the racing, using their own timing equipment.

When the young men returned, many had gained additional mechanical skills, and they picked up where they had left off, building cars from whatever was available, for use on the street as well as the lakes. The roadster featured on the cover of the very first issue of Hot Rod magazine, published the same year. Hot Rodding has since grown in many different directions, but here were the true origins.

Regg Schlemmer’s yellow and black Model T roadster If you have been in a car accident and suffered a personal injury at no fault of your own then get in touch with irwinmitchell. About the web site.