But with the gay rumor swirling around him, the question arises; is Chase himself attracted to a man? Is he a gay, as people often speculate him to be? Or does he have a lady in his life at present or past to shove those rumors into infinity? Let us find out! As of now, Chase Chrisley has been very silent regarding his dating life. Moreover, he has not presented a girlfriend in front of the public and media, which is why he is often speculated to rather have his sexual inclination towards men rather than women, and that makes him a gay man in front of the people. But is he really a gay man? Well, he has not opened up and come out as a gay, so it remains unclear if he belongs to the gay community. Chase Chrisley and Brooke Noury dated one another back in time. Speechless — Chase Chrisley ChrisleyChase October 11, It’s amazing how deceitful people can be — Chase Chrisley ChrisleyChase October 12, At the end of the day all that matters is taking care of yourself and your family

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My 4th nephew Jett Michael Aurich was born on January 12th. We spent lots of time cuddling with him and loving all his long black hair. College is all about spur of the moment road trips and February was no exception. It was the Friday before a 3 day weekend President’s Day and I got a phone call from three different people asking if I wanted to go on their road trip St.

Moreover, he has not presented a girlfriend in front of the public and media, which is why he is often speculated to rather have his sexual inclination towards men rather than women, and that makes him a gay man in front of the people.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” filmed the Season 10 reunion on Thursday, and from the sounds of it, things got brutal. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the beef between NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak — and Kim ‘s year-old daughter, Brielle Biermann — is very, very real thanks to this season’s most explosive storyline, RoachGate. View Story All three ladies took to Twitter following the taping to shed some light on what fans can expect to see come reunion time, and for what seems like the first time ever, they all sorta agreed that Kim got the most heat.

She was so slanderous and scandalous this season wit a reckless mouth! Girl bye wit yo rotten peach. I been [ganged] up on at the reunion before remember when we wore all white , Kenya has been [ganged] up on as well and dragged off the couch no shade , but we had to take it. Kim, on the other hand, was much quieter. But she also retweeted one of Brielle’s tweets: Karma really does her thing, without fail.

I wish nothing more than for the cast of ‘RHOA’ to find happiness and peace. They need it more than anyone.

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Currently, he plays for Chicago White Sox as a pitcher. Besides, this he has played for the Boston Red Sox. Likewise, he is popular as the best pitcher who has been able to set the pitching record of mph. Kopech is currently single.

There’s never a reflective surface around?

The Biden family confirmed Wednesday that Hallie Biden, whose husband Beau died in May at age 46 after a prolonged battle with brain cancer, had found comfort with Hunter Biden after the death. Advertisement Hunter Biden’s new relationship comes amid his divorce from wife Kathleen, who has three children with the year-old and filed to end the marriage last December citing irreconcilable differences. Kathleen Biden, who lists her job as “homemaker,” first asked her investment manager husband to leave the morning of July 5, — a little more than a month after the death of Beau, the documents show.

Her filings in a Washington D. She did not elaborate on what the conduct was — but said that it “creates situations that are unsafe or traumatic for the parties’ children. However, she said in another batch of court papers filed last month that a judge should stop her husband from “extravagantly” spending their money. Kathleen Biden, 48, said that the divorce stemmed, in part, because he was unfaithful and used drugs.

Biden has created financial concerns for the family by spending extravagantly on his own interests including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations , while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills,” the filing reads. A lawyer for Hunter Biden did not respond directly to the allegations, but said in a statement to the Daily News: He hopes their privacy can be respected at this time. Advertisement The former Vice President’s son Hunter l.

The divorce is still pending. A hearing scheduled later this month. Two of the couple’s children are adults, though Kathleen Biden is asking for sole custody of their year-old.

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The orphaned dancer-turned-chef shares an apartment with her best-friend-turned sister, Savannah Van. Seems simple enough, right? Maxie is secretly carrying on an intense, passionate love affair with Van’s boyfriend, Isaac.

Her mum, Kim Zolciak, looked splendid even without those plastic surgery interventions.

I never joined the cheerleading squad. I never joined the band or any sports. I never even spent any extra time at school. It wasn’t because I didn’t like school or sports or any of the clubs. It was just because school was school. I grew up in a place where nobody wanted to spend extra time at school. Nobody cared much for high school sports and my old school barely had enough funding to keep running let alone have clubs.

Since she was my ride too and from school I had to wait for her, which of course, I didn’t mind. I just didn’t know what to do. There was all sorts of clubs that I could join. But none of them fit with my schedule. The only days I had off from work were Tuesdays and Fridays and none of the clubs met on both of those days.

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Free time should be spent doing one of two things: Maintaining the things you need in order to survive 2. Enjoying the things you need in order to live Sadly, this blog did not make that list much in Here are some of our favorite memories from

My goal is to simplify, not stress and ensure that Munchkin gets all he needs before he arrives into this world.

Sure, some of the scenes on these reality shows may be nothing more than scripted drama, but she has also been entangled in a few real-life incidents that have definitely raised some eyebrows. Wifey initially denied that her lease had ended, but later came clean to the tab, pledging to pay the fine in a lump sum when she finally moved out.

In December , she made headlines once again over an unpaid bill harking back to Christmas Back then, Zolciak-Biermann reportedly hired a company to put thousands of dollars worth of seasonal decor on her humble abode , but she allegedly refused to fork over the cash for months, and months, and months. According to Page Six , the decoration company slapped her with a lawsuit to force her to pay the bill. Clearly, someone is going to wind up on Santa’s naughty list. She was the other woman!

During the show’s series premiere via E! News Zolciak-Biermann phones her elusive lover and asks for permission to buy a brand new Cadillac Escalade … with his funds, of course. Her big spending on Big Poppa’s dime only made internet sleuths more curious as to the identity of her sugar daddy. Leave it to this housewive to turn a simple request into one of the most cringe-worthy moments on this list.

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I have a feeling that Kroy wouldn’t have moved so fast if Kim were childless. Nah, I don’t get that with him at all. I’m sorry, but Brielle’s one of those kids that wouldn’t keep her mouth closed about something like that. She’s the opposite of Arianna. Also, you know her grandmother probably questioned her on the daily of Kroy was acting the fool, especially after Arianna’s pervy father. Anyone else find it odd that Kim’s ex was a child molester; and while knowing this, she still trusted a man she hardly knew with her daughter.

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HM Government of Gibraltar added 5 new photos. Rescue excavations led by the Gibraltar Museum revealed a major burial ground containing more than skeletons dating to possibly the 16th through to the early 18th century. Early indications suggest that the majority of the remains were buried in haste and could be from one of the Gibraltar sieges, or from the disease epidemics that came in their wake.

The human remains analysis is led by Dr. Emma Pomeroy together with Dr. Kevin Lane, Devin Ward and local volunteers — historian Dr. Although much study remains, early results suggest these bones belonged mainly to older teenagers and young adult men.

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On June 11, the Perspective had detailed the lawsuit filed against her by David Krieg, and on June 25, she sought to clarify her role in the matter. At the time, the interview was considered secondary, as Richard Schwartz and his business were at the center of the bulk of the controversy. Now that he is gone, Brielle is the primary defendant in the Krieg suit. Since the suit was discussed in the Perspective interview, we have decided to share her words with our readers.

By making the characters so dense it feels like the author is assuming I am also that stupid if I’m supposed to go along with this story.

It felt like I had been waiting forever for my subscription box to come, but today was the day. This is the first time I had ever subscribed to a book box, so I was a bit wary at first, but so far so good! There are so many goodies I want to share with you guys so stay tuned!! The cover work is beautifully abstract and the overall smell is fantastic. It was packaged well, which helped to avoid tears and dents.

Next, I got coffee! It looks to be a great flavor, Vanilla Cinnamon, based on the comic V for Vendetta. You get 2 oz worth of ground coffee.

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