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Buying bicycle racks for a car is essential for families who want to enjoy the trails on the weekend and want to get there without worrying about the safety of their bikes. When shopping for bike racks, one should consider a variety of things, including the brand, the type of vehicle on which they are planning to use the rack, the number of bikes they intend to transport, price, and more. Thule and Yakima are two very popular bike rack brands and they each offer a large selection of racks from which to choose. Having a close look at both the Thule and Yakima models allows buyers to make an informed choice and enjoy their new bike rack for the years to come. Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Bike Rack Buying the wrong type of bike rack may result in scratches on both the bike and the vehicle, as well as not being able to use it on a specific car because it does not fit. Whether one is looking to buy a Thule or a Yakima bike rack, there are several things one needs to take into account prior to making a decision. Types of Bike Racks There are six main types of bike racks to choose from, and the choice should mainly depend on the kind of vehicle one intends to use the rack with. The six types of bike racks are roof mount , spare tire mount, trunk mount , towbar mount , truck bed mount, and hitch mount. Those who have a hatchback car have limited options when it comes to bike racks, as they can only opt for a roof mount or a trunk mount bike rack.

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When I upgraded to the KingPin5, I cut off the plastic junk and started off with stainless steel.

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Except in Japan the console is sold in two different configurations: The Xbox configuration, often referred to as the “Premium Edition”, includes a hard drive required for backwards compatibility with original Xbox games , a wireless controller, a headset, an Ethernet cable, an Xbox Live silver subscription, and a component HD AV cable which can also be used on non-HD TVs.

XaviXPort is a unique and innovative console that uses peripherals to interact with on screen games. The console contains image recognition and infrared sensors that can detect player movements. These movements are calculated by a proprietary multiprocessor that measures both velocity and angle. The multiprocessor then translates the actions into on screen movement. Getting players to immerse themselves into games with body movements is not something new.

Product Shootout: Thule T2 vs. Yakima Holdup

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Very convenient when needing to access the back of vehicle.

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Both the Thule T2 and Yakima Holdup racks are designed to carry two bikes in an upright position.

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At the core is the StreamLine System, a new, aerodynamic and totally integrated roof rack system, which will be introduced to the cycling market at Interbike next week. Overall, the StreamLine System reduces the number of SKUs that a retailer needs to stock by 50 percent, simplifying the process for both the retailer and consumer. At the center of the StreamLine System are three distinct styles of crossbars.

Each are completely interchangeable with the StreamLine System towers to maximize vehicle styling and cargo capacity for any lifestyle. They offer a variety of materials, shapes and price-points so users can customize their systems. The first steel aerodynamic crossbar on the market, the CoreBar combines the strength and utility of steel with the unique teardrop shape that minimizes wind noise and maximizes fuel efficiency.

The plastic wheel piece cradles that come with the rack longer straps require a separate purchase for faties can easily accommodate the smaller and larger sizes up to four and a half inches.

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We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Shopping Guide for Best Bike Racks When you need to use your car to transport your bike to the perfect spot, you need a bike rack. Choosing the right bike rack is key. You want to be sure that your bicycle is secure when you take it on the road. Shopping for a rack can be tricky, though.

How do you know which type of rack is best for your bike and car? At BestReviews, our goal is to simplify shopping for you. We do the research, buy the products, grill the experts, and survey real-life owners, so we can pass along all the info to you. And because we never accept free products or perks from manufacturers you can trust that our reviews are honest and unbiased.

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Of course, this is all leading up to Saturday, when we reveal how each of our 4 racks stacked up against one another in an old fashioned magazine shootout. Yakima Two Timer rack review The Yakima Two Timer rack is a little more conventional in form than the other racks in the test. The center mounted hook system is designed to grip the bike near the middle of the top tube.

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They are usually the first name that comes to mind when pondering which bike rack to use when transporting your pride and joy to and from the mountain. While they have a massive array of racks that suit any need you could have, we’ve narrowed down our test to their premium T2 hitch rack. Have a look inside to read our impressions of the T2 and see whether or not it makes the grade to carry your baby.

The Dual Trekker safely and securely mounts with a ratcheting arm over-the-tyre on the front of the bicycles and rear wheel straps firmly secures the bikes to the carrier.

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Part I – Part II In part two of this series we learned about sport racks and how to select them for your specific car. For most kayakers, as well as other outdoor sports enthusiast, some accessories will be wanted on those bare crossbars. We will address the needs of kayakers, while knowing that many other sport rack accessories exist for cyclist and other water sports.

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But, for everyone else who has to drive to the trail head, thankfully there are plenty of bike racks on the market. Yakima has been making a number of quality options for quite a while though few have matched the ease of use and versatility of the HoldUp. The first generation proved to be a winner, so when we were offered a chance at reviewing the latest generation, we jumped at the opportunity.

The HoldUp turns out to be a great rack, but not without a few surpises. More after the jump. Like the original HoldUp, one of the best features of the rack is that it fits nearly any size, wheel, or style bike and all without contacting the frame. The method of supporting the bikes like other upright racks also means that there is no chance of the bikes rubbing together while driving potentially causing damage to your frame or components.

At Interbike, Yakima said they were investigating ways of carrying fatbikes with the hold up, but as of now there are no definitive plans. On a whole, the HoldUp is a great rack but this little clip was the cause of a lot of headaches. Which could result in the lock coming loose from the arm. Fortunately, the issue has been fixed and most racks sold at this point should have improved clips.

You can tell that the lock takes a lot more force to install and remove from the new clip.