The Cast Of Star Trek: Where Are They Now? Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite Star Trek characters and cast members were up to these days though? The casts first burst onto our screens with the popular TV show but since then they have also appeared in the films. Read on to see if you know who is who! She appeared in the very first Star Trek TV series, and also popped up in the movies that followed on from it too.


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The first houses made out of bricks were found in this region.

Feb 25, Colin rated it liked it I picked this up in the last days of Borders from a bargain bin for less than a dollar, mostly because I’m a Star Trek fan and I was amused. I never got around to actually reading it until now. It’s got some serious Trekkie Kirk-worship going on, with a slant towards how to get women. Well, I’m happily married, so I don’t need any help with getting women, and that’s really all this book is about.

Kirk is just the motif used for all examples. But it was fun, and well-written enough, so. It is clearly meant to be tongue in cheek case study, as well as a book for the Trekkie or Trekker. And that is one of the biggest problems with this book. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. The author needed to commit to either being a complete encyclopedia of the women Kirk has romanced in the vein of the Nitpicker’s Guide or being a parody of the state of romance in Star Trek as viewed This book purports to be a guide to dating and women based on the love life of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk.

The Star Wars/Star Trek Personality Test

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That’s “Trekk er “! There are a lot of different ways to make a character into a Hollywood Nerd , from making them interested in science , giving them Nerd Glasses , or removing all social capabilities whatsoever. But all you really need to do is add one small characteristic: In fiction, only geeks like Star Trek , and all geeks like it. Those who are particularly obsessed are called “Trekkies”. The Original Series was a television show from the s that had quite a few movies and spinoffs afterward see the page for more details.

It developed one of the earliest cult classic television followings and its fans were always regarded as a little “out there” due to their devotion. Nowadays that sort of dedication is not strange at all and it’s relatively common for a fandom to give its more intense fans nicknames such as bronies or twihards.

Regardless, Trekkies are still remembered above all the others.

Trekkie and other Specialized Dating Sites

You need to date a nerdy girl. The Force Awakens, because she was just so happy to have a good sequel to the Star Wars franchise. Oh, and then she went to see The Force Awakens ten more times in theaters, because duh. Now, nerds come in all shapes and sizes.

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Last year the show moved from Channel 4 to Netflix , where it made the most of an increased budget, broadening its palette with a genre-hopping third series that included a police procedural , a haunted house caper and an Eighties-styled love story. The new fourth series — judging by its first two instalments — pushes that eclecticism even further.

Black Mirror is looking better than ever. From Peake, a brief wince or single flash of an eye conveys more than whole pages of dialogue could. She flees, it follows. Exposition is cut back to the bare bones. With its breathless tension, Metalhead strikes a similar note to the nail-biting series two episode White Bear, but this feels more knowingly cine-literate; there are subtle nods to The Road, Alien, even Psycho. It suffers somewhat from the fact that so many others have boldly gone here before — most notably the nigh-unimprovable film Galaxy Quest.

Alongside Plemons, this episode boasts a particularly strong supporting cast, including Chewing Gum star Michaela Coel. Black Mirror season 4 is released on December 29 Related Topics.


Intelligent human civilization extends much farther than we originally believed. The following is a presentation of some of the strange aspects of humanity that have been long forgotten, while remembering that our ancestors left us artifacts in the form of incredible structures and monuments that we are meant to decode and decipher. If the human story is a work in progress, let these monuments serve as important points to consider in the revision of this story.

The monuments left behind by our ancestors would have had to coincide with their level of development given the time period; which calls for a revision of the human timeline. These historical anomalies raise questions about our collective history, and indicate how much remains to be discovered.

He wanted Star Trek to show what humanity might develop into, if it would learn from the lessons of the past, most specifically by ending violence.

You’re going to NEED to watch this Anyone who knows me well will tell you there are few things I find as exciting as a new Star Trek series. As a kid, I’d sit in a cardboard box in front of the TV during reruns of the original Star Trek, scream-singing along with the theme music and pretending that I, too, was hurtling through the bowels of space, boldly going where no Becca had gone before.

As I grew up, I was all about Star Trek: In fact, now that I think about it, it’s no wonder I have a tendency to be attracted to logic-obsessed, emotionally distant men. Discovery was announced, I was pretty stoked, a fact which, given all of the above, should not surprise you. A new Star Trek show! By a team of people I admire and respect! Starring not just one, but TWO women of color! Frankly, it was already enough to make me weak in the knees.

Then I saw the pilot Oh sure, the show was a magical and captivating return to someplace familiar yet utterly original. That was nice to see.


Looks like Kate Gosselin is unlucky in love again. The year-old reality star is no longer dating year-old millionaire Jeff Prescott , a source exclusively tells ET, and he’s actually now dating a year-old woman from Belarus. The trouble started over Labor Day weekend, when the source says Prescott got cold feet about filming Gosselin’s reality show, Kate Plus 8.

He ended up canceling production plans just two days before the New York City shoot, after months of planning and preparation. The source adds that Prescott is protective of his three children from a previous marriage and didn’t want the increased exposure, so his team advised him against filming with Gosselin. It was actually on those travels when the COO and co-founder of Dreamstime.

Nona hoped that the USS Enterprise Captain would be unable to refuse her anything once he recovered from his illness.

It was surprising, looking at Forums and other sites, how many former, highly attractive, TOS female actresses there were and I was suggested to document ones that may have had roles in DVDBeaver reviewed films. I started to research and the links were piling up. I’ve detailed a portion here, in alphabetical order so as not to discriminate, but as I know how deeply layered Trekkie fans can be – I’m certain that I don’t have them all to everyone’s personal tastes.

I’m aware that there are a Vulcan, Klingon and Romulan female character worthy but absent. Please don’t email me with some minutia to augment the article. It’s been almost a month.

WHO’s a `Trekkie’

He has an unexplained source of funding to support his laboratory, equipment, and studies. It is never clarified what kind of scientist he is, although in an email to Cecil, he says he is not a botanist or a dendrologist, adding “I am a scientist. I study science, not plants or nature. Despite being an outsider, the citizens of Night Vale seem to accept and like Carlos.

Jackie Fierro notes that his intense interest in science and his sometimes unorthodox beliefs are unusual in Night Vale, but she still thinks he’s “nice”. Jackie also appears to agree with Cecil’s views on Carlos’s attractiveness, stating that “There really was something blindingly handsome about him.

Likewise, she may not be able to shut up in the bedroom either, if you know what I mean.

By Vignesh Ramachandran If you could understand that Klingon , you’ll definitely want to read on. English translation for all other fans of the Starship Enterprise: If you’d like a date to see Star Trek Into Darkness during its opening week, you don’t necessarily need to look any further than the computer or mobile device in front of you. As reported by The Daily Beast ; turns out there’s an entire subculture surrounding online dating for Star Trek fans.

Fanboys and fangirls of the series can try their hand at online dating on these sites, likely without fear of judgement of their pristine DVD collection of the original series or a treasured, mint-condition Spock action figure.

Set Course for Love With These ‘Star Trek’ Dating Websites

He was working as a houseboy at my sorority house and we ended up having a lot of mutual friends. After multiple awkward encounters, we developed a friendship and ended up hanging out quite a bit at his fraternity with the rest of our close friends. It wasn’t too long before our friendship turned into something more. Neither of us decided to share our feelings for each other until one special weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks for Chris’s fraternity formal.

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