52 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

The Gatling Missile from Voltes V. Last Exile ‘s Silvana has six hidden rotary cannons behind the forward armor plates. They tend to end battles swiftly. Chris Yukine’s default weapons in Senki Zesshou Symphogear are a pair of laser crossbows, but she much prefers to change them into a pair of Gatling guns named “Billion Maiden”. They have two rotating barrels apiece, are each roughly her size, and pack enough raw firepower to mow down hordes of Noise. Comic Books Rocket Racoon’s preferred weapon in the recent Annihilation:


I pressed my ear in closer. It was an unknown future with one name attached. And so we try. God- who am I going to marry? And then one day, we think we receive an answer.

He insisted on wearing a tuxedo to his fourth-grade graduation.

But like their supermodel mom, they’re part of a fashionable family that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Plus, see the exclusive fashion shoot. Feb 9, Sebastian Faena Most little girls—and a few little boys—grow up playing with Barbie dolls. New York’s youngest and most enthusiastic new bon vivants, Peter Brant Jr. Who needs a Barbie doll when Mom is the legendary pinup Stephanie Seymour? Advertisement – Continue Reading Below “When they were little, they would lay out outfits for me,” recalls Seymour, Their favorite thing to do was dress her up for parent-teacher conferences.

They liked things to be monochromatic: The dress would be blue and the bag would be blue, and blue Manolo Blahnik shoes. Always a Manolo, and never a flat.

They stay inside all the time eating potato chips and playing the newest video game system. Put a baseball in their hands and they look like a Deer caught in headlights. No boy should ever be caught dead throwing like a girl. When I was a youngster we had a name for all the boys who threw like girls, and it wasn’t a nice name. Each Father must teach his son how to throw a solid punch.

Bullies are cowards who pick on the weak, after a jab to the nose you can forget about bullies picking on you ever again.

They can pull up a chair at a table and join a discussion about an upcoming auction or new trend just as easily as they can quote lines from the movie Mean Girls, which they often do.

Jonah uses a small, man-portable Gatling gun at several points during Jonah Hex.

This was a rare moment of pyrotechnic understatement for Michael Bay.

A burst from an Avenger gun is less of a line of pew-pews as seen in the movie, and more like God throwing a fistful of bullets with all his might.

You will live amongst other races who covet the things you have, never forget that and never let your guard down.

If I got it right, I would get a dollar.

Minor Marvel Universe villain Gattling wears a battle suit with twin Gatling-style machine guns mounted on each forearm.

Stephanie + Kris from sons of guns.